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** Please note - This is a course description. For the course dates please visit the Shamanic Yoga Training page. You can download a course application here - WSYI Course Application.doc.

Program Introduction

Because the emphasis of our Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training course is so unique, it is suitable for people who are doing their first yoga teacher training, as well as those who are already yoga teachers but who have a desire to deepen their internal practices with the shamanic yoga wheel of consciousness modification methodologies. Historically, both groups get as much out of the program. Those who are already teachers should be ready to leave their preconceptions about yoga aside. Opening the gates of the psyche to the Samadhi experience (identity fusion with all or part of the universe which is the eighth limb of Raja Yoga and the basis of Jnana Yoga) and the direct flow of wisdom to be found there are the point of this course.

So, what makes this teacher training course different? Everything. Our SYTT course is a totally unique, multidisciplinary adventure in consciousness studies. This four-week program forms the perfect foundational skill set for a profound and lifelong adventure into the psyche. Explore physical yoga, shamanic dream yoga, internal and external shamanic journeying, samadhi inspired vedic philosophy, vision quests, and optional healing ceremonies in a fully integrated format designed to shatter your perception and allow you to experience reality in utterly new ways. Train your body and mind in unison with a program that explores the true meaning of the ancient world teachings while connecting them to the most current theories in cognition, ecological psychology and physics.


We all want to grow and learn, but taking time out of our hectic lives is so difficult. We all want to set and achieve reasonable goals for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, but staying on a program seems equally difficult. We all want to reach our full potential, but finding our way to "the core" alone is a confusing process slowed by our daily responsibilities and distractions. Intensive training away from the distractions of your home environment is the answer to these problems. It is good to have responsibility. However, we have only ourselves to give to the world and the people we love, so it is important to take the time to balance ourselves and grow out of established patterns. Then we have so much more to give.


Whether you are interested in teaching yoga classes or not is unimportant. We are all teachers and we are all students. Life is the venue. The guiding principle of this course is to make powerful practitioners who are able to share the incredible depth of the shamanic yogic teachings directly from their own experiences. It is designed to stimulate an intense individual transformation and purification leading to an experiential understanding of samadhi. This fusion with creation is the true underlying process of both yoga (Jnana) and shamanism (shamanic listening/spirit fusion). We are only able to teach what we have actually experienced. For those who are interested in formal teaching, the curriculum is more than sufficient for international standards.


Students on this course will develop a broad understanding of traditional yoga from a variety of perspectives. We will examine the core teachings of several of the most influential gurus and work to understand modern fusion forms as well as related teachings from around the world. Physical yoga, experiential yogic philosophy, basic ayurvedic concepts, anatomy, physiology, teaching theory and practice will all be addressed from a number of angles, giving participants a depth of knowledge that few people currently achieve.

However, what sets the course apart is the synthesis of internal practices, which is what yoga… and Shamanic Yoga in particular, are all about! Learn to understand and witness the cycles of your perception, penetrate your subconscious with dream yoga and shamanic journeying, work concretely to experience the identity fusion with nature that is the point of yoga and the work of shaman worldwide. Develop a clearer understanding of action (karma) and learn to use it effectively to heal yourself, your community and your world.


Physical practice is important for everyone. It opens and releases the patterns of the mind. However, because the emphasis of this program is on the internal practice of yoga, you do NOT have to be an "advanced" physical yogi when you arrive in order to take this course. EVERYONE willing to make an effort is welcome, regardless of age or physical condition. Real Shamanic Yoga teachers are masters of the internal arts, and are healers in their communities. That is what is important. With this in mind, the dedicated training you will undergo is respectful to your individual needs while still motivating you to really achieve your physical goals. The training will progressively take your physical conditioning to an appropriate level for you, whether that is truly athletic or just much healthier than you are now. Of course, physical training is just a small part of this course. It is what happens inside that counts!


Part of the design of the course is to foster a community of teachers built through discussion, interaction and enjoyment. Unlike most teacher training programs, an extremely small group guarantees lots of individual attention and the opportunity to regularly perform practice teaching (4-6 training classes each!).


This is a truly intensive program designed to change your life. Our exploration of the mind and body will leave no stone unturned! The true path of yoga peels away our conditioning and patterns of socialization. Make the commitment to deepening your understanding of what you believe and why, then learn to transcend the mind altogether and experience the profound depths of the moment. The shamanic yogi is a teacher and healer who helps create balance in their students, community and local ecosystems.


These combined practices are our species great hope in achieving personal, interpersonal, and ecological balance. Learn them yourself and then help to spread them in your community.

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training includes (among many things in the curriculum)

* Daily physical asana practice and teacher development program including theory, adjustments and anatomy/physiology.

* Comprehensive yogic and shamanic theoretical education revolutionized by an actual samadhi practice.

* Detailed daily internal practice using the Shamanic Yoga medicine wheel.

* Interlocking meditation program to teach a variety of critical internal skills for safe and rapid development.

* Dream Yoga/Shamanic Dreaming training.

* Shamanic journeying into the subconscious mind.

* Relaxation Training Program.

* Optional medicine ceremonies with both traditional emotional/spiritual healing and school specific techniques for acceleration of the full range of internal practices.

* Physical/emotional detoxification using ayurvedic/shamanic dieta.

* Karma Yoga for worthwhile social/environmental projects and community leadership training.


We hope to see you for this incredible adventure and work with you to help heal our planet afterwards...

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training Course Format

The format of the Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training varies slightly from country to country and even from course to course. We purposely work with very small groups to ensure that everyone is trained individually and according to their needs. For this we require a certain amount of flexibility. With that said, we have very strong standards which go well beyond what you will find on many physically based teacher trainings.

The core training of this course is a month long (200+ hour) detoxification and personal training period in which we work all elements of your Shamanic Yoga practice. The emphasis is slightly different in the different locations though the core training remains equal.

When we are training in Mysore or Cusco you are normally set up in an apartment, hotel or house with a private bedroom and usually with private bathroom (with the occasional exception of some houses). There is always a kitchen available for your use. We work in developing nations to deepen your understanding of the world and the practice you are engaged in building. Sometimes things are different than in student’s home countries. That is part of the point. However, with that in mind we work hard to ensure as comfortable and relaxing a stay as we possibly can!

You will have internet access easily available for work, study and keeping in touch with friends and family. The training schedule is generally five days a week, with time in the evenings for homework, study, and socialization. One day a week will have basic meditation and Yoga on schedule as well as your major self study projects and exams.

The final day is a rest and study day. This allows you the time to relax, catch up on study, explore and tour on your own or with the group, and generally keep yourself balanced and in a fun loving frame of mind.

Often, potential students want to know what an “average” training day is like. That is more difficult for our school to describe as we have quite a few types of training days. However, for illustrative purposes here is a very basic sample schedule…

6:00 a.m. – Wake and dream journal.

7:00 a.m. – Anapanasati meditation.

8:00 a.m. – Morning physical practice.

9:30 a.m. – Break for breakfast and washing.

11:00 a.m. – Journey meditation practice.

12:00 p.m. – Lecture/workshop series.

3:00 p.m. – Dream Yoga meditation.

4:00 p.m. – Afternoon physical practice.

5:30 p.m. – Break for evening.

As mentioned, these timings do vary quite a bit. This is especially true on ceremony days. The lecture/workshop series gives you specific training in a wide variety areas. A few examples include:

•The four branches and eight limbs of traditional yoga both from a classical and Shamanic Yoga perspectives.

•Traditional Vedic philosophy and Shamanic Yoga analysis.

•History of Yoga and Shamanism woven together within a worldwide context.

•Modern consciousness studies perspectives and how they integrate with and inform traditional belief patterns.

•Ayurvedic/Yogic anatomy, philosophy and worldview contrasted and compared with traditional “everything is medicine” belief sets. The importance and execution of well designed counter-practice.

•Focused study of altered states of consciousness used by Yogis and Shaman through history.

•In-depth examination of different physical practice styles, including how to teach, adjust and modify.



•Western anatomy and kinesiology. Musculo-skeletal system, movement and how these interact with consciousness.

•Relaxation training and the conscious modification of sympathetic/parasympathetic excitation.

•Yoga as detoxification therapy.

•Dissolving conditioned responses/samscaras/sankaras/energia negativa from the causal body.

•Interacting with the pre-verbal level of the subconscious mind through internal and external journey meditations.

•Interacting with the raw sensation level of experience as part of a traditional deconditioning practice.

  1.      Dream Yoga, lucid dreaming and creating a 24 hour practice.

  2.      Advanced Karma Yoga. Weaving your dreams to build your reality.

•Ayurvedic Medicine theory and optional healing ceremonies.

•Community/planetary leadership.

If you feel you would like more information of the teachings we deal with, we suggest you read thoroughly through the school website at as well as the teaching aids and discussions which are available at the international Shamanic Yoga Facebook Community. Most people who want to come on course feel comfortable with the level of detail given here and online. If you feel you need to study the curriculum in even more depth before coming on to an experiential course, we suggest starting with our online mentorship program. You can read more about this program on the school website as well. 

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training Tuition and Financial Aid

The World Shamanic Yoga Institute’s Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training program is part of our directed social transformation agenda. We are working to bring top quality consciousness training to as many people as we can in order to facilitate a global paradigm shift. The effects of this kind of teacher training work first on yourself, and then radiate out into our communities as a natural by-product of the work. We are trying hard to train and disperse a “peaceful army” of Shamanic Yoga teachers around the world who collectively have a far deeper level of understanding about what constitutes internal Yoga, Shamanism, and consciousness studies than is currently the norm. The potential effects of this movement cannot be overestimated as this system has the potential to catalyze millions of people in a relatively short period of time.

It is as a lot of work, but work of the most worthwhile kind.

To this end we keep the tuition as accessible as possible while keeping the program itself viable and continually developing the best possible new teaching resources for our long-term goal of saturating global culture with professional and powerful new ways of opening hearts and minds. Thus, your tuition goes to pay for the resources we are continually developing in order to bring you and the world around you the maximum possible impact. These resources range from experiential courses to documentary films, diverse written materials, photographic visual aids, to audio files and taped classes.

Finally, some of the tuition goes into our general funds for keeping the school, teachers, and its programs running. We are constantly looking to new ways to create ripples of transformation throughout our world in this critical juncture in human history. Much of this transformation just comes from plain old hard work, but some does require resources and penetration into mass culture. We feel very strongly that the time for this transformation is NOW. Thus, as well as becoming an active member of the school and working in your own ways to generate transformation yourself, your tuition helps give us some basic resources to coordinate, stimulate and advocate for this change on many levels.

We provide many teaching materials free of charge on our website and the WSYI Facebook community. You are most welcome to use those. Our new Shamanic Yoga textbook will also be released shortly to provide low cost access to an even broader range of teaching materials. The Online Mentorship Program is also available at relatively low cost.

Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training courses are, by their nature quite expensive to produce and maintain. We do our very best to keep the costs as low as we can for you while still providing the best possible training. At this time, the standard tuition for experiential training is only $600 a week for a total of $2400 for a full teacher training course.

All accommodation, training, materials, ceremony, travel (excepting airfares to the location of the course) and guides are included in the training rate unless you make special requests. This is all-inclusive excepting food, which is very personal and can be found extremely inexpensively in the countries we work in. However, food is included in our Amazonian training periods due to the secluded nature of our location and the fact that we are on a very simple detoxification dieta.

In order to apply for acceptance on any course you must fill in and return a WSYI Course Application form. You can download them on “contact us page of this website. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be sent an acceptance letter. Registration on a course is not complete until we receive your deposit, which is $150 dollars a week. When you are accepted on a course you will be sent a deposit invoice. We use your deposit to pay for the entire registration process including pretraining assignment review, to book your accommodations, prepare your materials, and arrange for faculty as well as using any residue as part of our general operating funds. We budget directly based on the people who commit to coming based on their application, registration and deposit. Deposits are therefore non-refundable.

If you face true financial hardship please feel free to fill in our Financial Aid forms. At this point we give two scholarships per teacher training course. We currently have two $400 scholarships. We run at no profit as is and it is the best we can do right now. They are competitive and based on the applications we get. Some of these applications come from students who are from our “developing” host countries. Obviously we therefore may not make a scholarship offer to any particular student for a particular course application. As time goes on we hope to open a third even higher value scholarship if all goes well but that is the future.

If you apply for a scholarship and we accept, we will advise you in your general course acceptance letter which you will receive in response to your application. Like all registrations, you are confirmed by your deposit of $600 for the course. If you do not confirm your registration we don't know that you are actually planning to come and will offer the scholarship to other deserving students until a registration is complete.

We get lots of inquires and this helps us to avoid people "sitting" on course spots but not committing to coming and then changing their mind at the last moment. It is best to apply and complete registration early. This is always the case for course applications but even more so in the case of financial aid applications. Also, please keep in mind we get a range of financial aid applications. The program is really designed to make the courses accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those from developing nations. Please be thoughtful if you don’t really need the scholarship. Remember that we include many benefits not normally found on international Yoga Teacher Trainings and have kept the course tuition down to the international norm. When compared with many “shamanic” healing programs which do not have any real training associated with them we are well below the norm. We feel we have managed to deliver the highest possible quality of training at the most reasonable possible cost to students. In many ways this has made it difficult for our teachers and programs to continue. However, it is important to do so for our overall integrity and global purpose.

Please note that you will need to pay the balance of your tuition no later than one month before your course start date. This gives us time to shift the funds to the administration in the course country.

The most current course schedule can be found in the “training” section of the website.


For further information or to register you can write to

There is a growing community all around the world working for peace. We wish you the very best in all your contributions to it and hope that we can work together in the future.


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